just my rambles

Just My Rambles….

Do you know the first thing on my mind today when I awoke? Laundry. I had placed a nice pile of it next to my bed last night, and as I laid there thinking about hitting the snooze button once more, I realized I had just enough time to get up, throw some clothes in the washer, and then get them in the drier. I can’t stand to leave wet clothes in a washer all day. 🙂
Is it just me or are there moments with your spouse that you could just live in for a lifetime? I have moments with Sean where I’d be happy if the world ended right then, or if that same moment continued to repeat it’s self for eternity…and then he farts. 🙂 I think it’s God’s way of keeping me moving in a forward direction. I seriously could met into the man, and just live off his essence. 🙂
My middle child needs a haircut and I have some twisted idea that it’s a father’s job to get it done. Therefore, I am waiting and making sly comments until something happens, and in the meanwhile, my child is growing a straight-booffy-fro.
And, that’s all for just my rambles…..

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