Jolene: The Move From Windows PC to Mac

I did it.

Today I went out and bought a 15″ Macbook Pro. I thought about it long and hard. I asked every person I knew which I should go with: a Windows PC or Mac. Mac won out. So, I did it. I headed straight to the Apple store, touched the largest computer they had and said, “ummm, do I need this???” The sales person explained a few things to me, I nodded my head like I understood the gibberish and then I agreed to the computer she pointed to, especially since it wasn’t the highest price laptop there.

I was happy. I now have an apple decal on my minivan, and yet I honestly don’t know how to uplaod/save/create anything. Please, gods of the humbled laptop owner, bless me with your wisdom so that I may use this poor device in some way/form that honors it’s capabilities. And if not, dear gods of computers, at least let me look pretty while typing away on the keyboard.

Many thanks,



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