I just had the worse hair experience, ever.

Yes, this is gross, but bear with me.
This is my hair after taking a bath last night. This is what happens every time I bathe or brush my hair. My hair has really thinned out in the last month due to all this loss and yep, I’ve put a call into my dr. about it.
So, anyway, I decide to get my hair cut and maybe that would help with all the shedding. I went in today and didnt really know what I wanted but knew it needed to be shorter.
My experience was horrible. I was in so much pain. The lady matted up my hair and then proceeded to brush it repeatedly after I had asked her to be careful in brushing since so much hair came out each time.
She cut it to my shoulders and thats where we are. I’m sure in a month I’ll go some place else and actually get it cut so that I can enjoy it.
It was just a really bad experience.

3 thoughts on “I just had the worse hair experience, ever.

  1. maddie is almost 4 months, right? If so it’s the normal hormone change to pre-preggo that is making you feel like you may go bald! I went thru the same thing so did many of my friends. I am not talking just shedding, but like whole head amounts of hair coming out every day! It lasted for about 6 weeks and now am back to normal. Hang in there and clean your shower drain every day! 🙂

  2. Mellissa,
    I think the hair cut actually helped as well, But, yep, Maddie is almost 4 months and it has lasted for a few weeks now. My doc. called me back but I was in class and was never able to get a hold of anyone.

    It’s so vain of me, but I just dont want to be bald.

  3. Oh no, I was the same way, and I thought I was seriously going to be bald in a week the way it was falling out! It was horrible, every day!!! I never did notice any thinning though and now my daily hair loss is back to normal. 🙂

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