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How Do You Say That In Tennessee?? Dialect VLog Hop 5

I love when MamaDweeb throws one of these hops up and everyone get’s to show off their awesome dialects. 🙂 Below are the words, the questions, and my vlog with a little special guest thrown in as well. Enjoy!

The Words:
Aluminum, Dunce, Wagon, Carolina, Later, Misery, Told, Brother, Lord, Beer, Homemaker, Vacuum, Washer, Respond
The Questions:
1. What are the locals called where you are from?
2. What do you call the candy you suck on a stick?
3. What goes on top of your “to go cup of soda?”
4. Is tea sweet or unsweet?
5. What is another way of saying someone is “new” to something?
6. What do you call a place that is not anywhere NEAR a city? “out in the….”
7. What do you call people related to you? “they are my…..”
8. What do tell your children to call another adult? Do your children call them by their first name? Last name?
9. Do you know what cheese curds are? if so, do you like them?
10. what is a way to say, “Yes, I agree”?

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9 thoughts on “How Do You Say That In Tennessee?? Dialect VLog Hop 5

  1. Hi,

    Excellent blog post idea.It is quite different.

    I am following you from the baby bottom libe sunday blog hop.

    I hope you will stop by lionessrebirthorg.blogspot.com


  2. Hi, I stopped by and am following on the hop, and now I am craving Cheese Curds!!! and being from the north I get to say Ya you betcha, I was Cheese curds. 😉 Have a great day, I look forward to more of these fun posts.

  3. I love hearing your accent! there’s just nothing prettier to me than a good ol’ Southern accent. But maybe I’m biased. Oh, and I love your bird. I’e wanted to own birds in the past, but never was able to. I may still get one someday. Then again maybe birds and cats don’t mix

  4. Ah! Thanks for sharing – such a great idea! I’m going to Tennessee next month for a concert, and this will definitely help 😀 😀

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