Home after the Holidays

I’m not sure about you, but after we enjoy the holidays with family…

We always come home and drop everything…

I’m thinking of making a serious commitment to a cleaner house this year, which will only really commit me to being a super b@%ch to family ( I get pretty stressed out when I have a plan and no one else seems to follow it). Ok, newer commitment: work on keeping the house clean while not forcing my views and ideas on other family members. I mean, I’m not the Queen or anything…in my perfect idea of family, we all have a say-so…I would still love if everyone did believe the same as me. I guess all I can really do is voice my wants/desires and ask others to help me accomplish them.

OMGosh, I think I’ve grown a bit and it was all thanks to {the good Lord} a messy house. 🙂


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