I think something is going on. I’ve become Maddie’s number one at the moment. I mean she cries and cries until I pick her up and I think this is taking a toll on her daddy. The other day she was crying with him and after I took her he made the comment, “she just hates me.”
We all know Madison does not hate her father, as well as he knows it, but he seems to be a bit depreseed lately. He smiles so big when he’s holding her, playing with her, and when shes all curious about him, however, he seems a bit stressed whenever she begins crying.
What can I do? I’m with her all day. I’m breastfeeding so I’m sure just the smell of me means food/survival to her. However, I’m having a big of a problem with my lefty. It’s gotten three nice cuts in it. I mean, I’ve never had a breast that cracked, and boy is it painful. I’m trying everything I can think of: giving it a day off, ice, pumping, different postions, but I’m just not sure if its gonna work out.
Should I stop breastfeeding? I mean, maybe is Sean fed her more often then she’d cry for him as well. I’m just so worried about her crying with my absence. I’m to start school in two weeks which means I’ll be gone everyday for about 3 hours. You know she wont understand why I’m not there. You know she’ll cry her little heart out when its not me who picks her up.
I just dont know.
I know I love her so much and I want to do right by her. I know formula wont hurt my baby but I do admit that I’ll miss the closeness of her nursing if I do stop.
Dear Lord, please tell me what to do…

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  1. Lydia went and is going through the same stage. A far as your lefty…ask your dr to prescribe you Paul Newmans Nipple Cream..they make it at compound pharmacies…it was my life saver. Lydia won’t take from a bottle so we have always had trouble feeding her when I am gone. When I go to school I nursed right before I left. She usually got hungry before I returned and just screamed. My husband knows she is okay and sometimes just puts her down and lets her scream. He tries to comfort her and now she is in love with him. Now don’t get me wrong..she still Loves mommy more…but she will tolerate him 🙂 I say keep nursing and pumping. Start giving her bottles with pumped breast milk…Sean can feed her that. What kind of pump do you have?

  2. Hey, Stephanie, thanks for the comment.

    I’m using a hand pump but next week I’m gonna go rent an electric double pump since school is so close. I thought I would have had more time to store up milk, but I dont so I need a better pump.

    Sean feeds her a bottle ever few days or so and she seems ok with it. It takes her a moment to actually want to take from it, but overall she does.

    I asked Sean lastnight if her screaming upset him and he said yes and then this morning he woke me up sitting in her nursery, rocking, just waiting on her to wake up. 🙂

    Thanks again, I’ll look into the cream.

  3. Oh ouch! But, don’t quit breastfeeding. Go to kellymom.com for help!!!! Pump on that side for a day or two. tell daddy to hang in there, she loves him, but NEEDS you. Pump and Sean can bottle feed, you keep breastfeeding on the other side. But definately go to kellymom and post a question to the forum. I have used them a ton and they have great, fast responses. Hugs to you!!!!

  4. Another option. I bought my Medela Pump In Style backpack electric breast pump off craigs list. It was used by one person and I got it for $70. I then spent about $40 on new tubing, bottles, shields and it is AWESOME! I pump 3-4x a day when I am at work and it’s great. They sell for close to $300 so you could look into craigs list if you wanted to own one but not be out the $$$. p.s. you can always e-mail me at kmcorniea@hotmail.com if you want to just chat/vent whatever!!!

  5. Mellissa, thanks for the info. I’m thinking of renting since I’m not sure if Maddie is our last or not, but with two other kids, she very well could be. 🙂 However, Craigs list is a good idea. 🙂

    Also, thanks on the email. tjadin05@yahoo.com if you ever want to send something. However, I check my blogs probably more regular than I do my mail. 🙂

    Thanks again, I’ll check out kellymom. I’ve pretty much done exactly what you said, pump from one and breastfeed from the other. I did give her lefty once yesterday just to give the girl a good empty, but other than that, its still sore.

  6. I totally forgot to tell you to get some green cabbage leaves!!! Pound the leaf so that the veins break a little, then stuff your bra w/ them. I don’t know why or how, but aahhhhhhhhh relief!!!

  7. Thanks, Mellissa, I’ll pick those up. I just read up on latching on the Kellymom.com. It was very helpful. I so know that Maddie isnt opening her mouth wide enough which is causing her only to get my nipple and the constant sucking on that area is causing all the pain and injury.

  8. Stephanie-I’ve been thinking about that. I know Target has one for 200 or 300 and renting is 50 or so a month, with buying tubes and such around $45. Its just that I dont want a machine that I cant get rid of when I’m finished nursing.

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