Having a Problem

I’m up to 3 iron pills a day just to function.
I believe I’m suffering from some severe anemia or there is a serious problem going on inside my body.
I have a hard time concentrating/actually understanding whats going on around me. My vision is blurred. I have problems swallowing food. My memory is no more. My nails have ridges in them. And I am exhausted, light headed, and dizzy. Oh, and my period has ran from what use to be 4 days is now up to 9 days.
I feel as if death is knocking on my door. I have an appointment for next Friday to see my dr. I’ve also just taken my third pill for the day so hopefully within the hour I’ll feel better. I worry about being alone with Maddie when I feel this way. I seem to function in slow motion and it takes all my brain power to think everything through.
But I still have a sense of humor so I’m gonna write this all right-justified. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Having a Problem

  1. Oh ick doll! ANother iron source that is super absorable and doesn’t have icky side-effects is Floradix, iron and herbal supplement. It’s a liquid and tastes pretty yummy. I lived off it during pregnancy and the first 1-2 months after Griffin was born.I hope you feel better soon. and, be sure you are not working out at all, ok? Let your body rest! You are in my prayers for quick healing!

  2. I am glad that the dr was able to figure out the issue quickly. HOpefully you will be feeling better soon. Be sure you are relaxing and enjoying that beautiful family of your this weekend!

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