Golden Moon Tea Review

Golden Moon Tea Review

It all started several weeks ago with a teaser post here when I wrote up a quick preview of my upcoming reviews and giveaways. Well, time has come and gone and I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to try and review 5 unique and tasty teas from Golden Moon Tea .

My first pick was the Sugar Caramel Oolong with it’s pure sweetness. Seriously, this tea was delicious. I knew instantly I’d be reordering this tea. A life changing moment in my soul; the awakening of something I’d never known, sweet, purely sweet tea.

My next choice was the Early Grey tea . I must say, the package recommends 3 to 5 minutes of steeping and yet, I went a little overboard and steeped for 6. Yeah, I know, this really shouldn’t make a difference but I think it did, for this tea was a little too strong for me. However, I did so enjoy the aroma of citrus and lavender. I enjoyed just holding my mug up close to smell the richness. I, personally, should have only steeped this tea for 3 minutes, I definitely would have enjoyed it much more. A robust tea. Sweet smell but more edgy than the others.

The Madagascar Vanilla was, simply put, “comfy cozy”. This is a tea I could drink late at night, after the day has ended and I’m just needing to relax and unwind.

The White Persian Melon was my least favorite. I found nothing offensive about it, it just didn’t spark a great interest from my taste buds.

And, lastly, the Pu-Erh Chai, that I’m still enjoying as I type this, is a nice pick me up morning tea. I enjoyed the cinnamon and spice flavoring of this tea.

Golden Moon Tea provides a very high quality of tea, ranging from morning, afternoon, and evening teas, to teas that will work best with different cuisines. Each loose leaf tea comes in it’s own sleek, silver packaging, with directions and a small blurb about it’s recipe/blends as well as ingredients.

The strengths of Golden Moon Tea can be found not only in their products but also in their website. I found their site to be extremely informative, easy to navigate, and customer friendly. With large, identifiable buttons at the top which then offer an overview of each section, as well as a sidebar that offers other categories of teas, tea ware, and tea gifts.

There prices are reasonable for the quality of tea they provide, from $.11 to $.31 cents per cup or $.99 a sample to a more expensive 1 lb bulk for $89.99. Now, honestly, I won’t be paying $89.99 for a pound of tea, but that’s not to say that if I didn’t have the required resources that I wouldn’t, i.e. if I was rich, yeah, Golden Moon Tea would definitely be one of my top sources for exotic teas.

The weaknesses that I found with this product lies in the fact that Golden Moon Tea isn’t a featured item on my Target and/or Wal-Mart shelf. To some this may make the tea more of a specialty item, but to me, it cuts down on the times I’ll see the product, therefore, not making it a busy-mother-friendly item.

However, just because I can’t pick it up on my quick diaper run into the store, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t order myself or family/friends some tea on-line. I would highly recommend Golden Moon Tea to others based on taste, affordability, as well as comfort while on their website.

And, lastly, I would like to thank Golden Moon Tea for allowing me the opportunity to review their product. Now, go check ’em out for yourself, and let me know which tea is your favorite. Also, if you’d like to send a friendly gift, remember, I love the Sugar Caramel Oolong. 🙂

I received a review product from Golden Moon Tea in exchange for my review.

15 thoughts on “Golden Moon Tea Review

  1. Happy SITS SaturDay!

    For me, it’s important to know whether a tea is fair trade and organic. Especially if I’m paying that much! I didn’t see anything on their website about that.

    The flavors sound yummy though!

  2. Hi,
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Your review was very well written and honest. I noticed one place where you might have misspelled “steeping” by leaving out the “t”. I don’t think you intentionally said you were seeping the tea. Also, at the end, I think you would order the tea “on-line” instead of “off line” But otherwise, great post! Sorry, you asked for a review, I do Quality Assurance for a living so I thought I’d offer a couple of suggestions. I hope you don’t mind. Cute blog by the way!!


  3. Hey! I am a cafe reviewer for the Chicago area. I also write a lot about coffee. But, I also love tea, especially Earl Gray. This is a great review! Good job! I say, send it away! 🙂

    I’ve been trying to finish a tin of this fantastic orange tea that I had from Harney & Sons called African Autumn. MMmmm… so good. I want to try these next! Especially the Madagascar Vanilla.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

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