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Getting Back To It

I’m not sure if it’s our culture or simply my priorities, but fitness and well-being seem to fall last in line when it comes to my needs. For the past three years I’ve been dealing with the grief of a parent as well as medical issues (hypothyroidism and inflammatory arthritis), and it honestly has taken a huge toll on my personal life. My health has suffered: I’ve gained 50 lbs, the inflammation causes daily aches and pains, and my motivation to do much other than lay on the couch has pretty much hit rock bottom (just to write this post takes everything I have…).

The Gym

I have the gym membership and I’ve actually made it three days this week. It’s hard to not feel out of place when you come back to a work out routine. I’ve noticed this week I’ve pretty much gone straight in to the bikes, put music on, and get to it. I know it’s all in my own head, but I just don’t really feel as if I belong there yet.

The Game Plan

I figure if I can hit the gym 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day, for 5 weeks I’ll start to see some changing within my body which will lay the foundation for building a habit. And, speaking of changes, I’ve already began to notice that when I do work out, the next day I don’t suffer as much pain and/or swelling of my joints.

Starting Slow

I’m starting with the stationary bike. With arthritis is both knees, the bike really helps to build the important leg muscles (quads and hamstrings) that help hold the knee cap in the proper place, as well as provide the needed lubrication to keep things moving smoothly. The first of May I’d like to add weight training 2 days a week and then in roughly 6 weeks, I’d like to start incorporating the bike, weights, and treadmill.


There it is, my slow but steady workout progress.


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  1. I love how specific your goals are! I bet that makes it feel more realistic that you can achieve them. A doc recently told me that I may be developing arthritis in my ankle and I’m really struggling to stay active. I have to remember to set realistic goals like you have here. Great post!

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