Getting Back To It

I’m not sure if it’s our culture or simply my priorities, but fitness and well-being seem to fall last in line when it comes to my needs. For the past three years I’ve been dealing with the grief of a parent as well as medical issues (hypothyroidism and inflammatory arthritis), and it honestly has taken a… Read More »

Per Doctor's Request: The New "Diet" of Life

I recently uncovered a trait about myself, I have been using food as a way to fuel my life with pleasure while avoiding the risk of vulnerability. This realization lead to the opportunity for me to take charge of my life and take more responsibility for my choices/behaviors. So, as some of you know, it’s Teacher… Read More »

Monday Madness: Getting Back Up

I’m trying to be patient with myself, but honestly, I feel a gnawing inside, as if I’m a sculpture trapped inside my block of stone. I’m waiting to reveal myself, waiting for the artist to take up her chisel and hammer and begin breaking away the pieces to reveal the beauty within… Therefore, the best… Read More »

Hitting Fitness Goals with Walkadoo and the FitLinxx Pebble

How many steps did you take today? Fitness is on the rise and with the availability to well developed pedometers, the way to track your fitness efforts has just gotten easier. The American Heart Association states that walking, as a form of fitness, has the lowest drop out rate than any other activity. And not… Read More »

Garmin Edge Touring Heart Rate Monitors

Track Your Calories As You Cycle People should learn more about Garmin Edge Touring Cycling computers and other heart rate monitors to track their fitness performance. Everyone has fitness goals, but those fitness goals cannot be reached without the proper information. No one has time to wonder if they are burning the right number of… Read More »

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A Year of Yoga: Yoga East

Hello my fellow Yogis! I recently purchased a membership to Yoga East, a local yoga studio, my first official yoga studio membership. My first class was Yin Yoga which I absolutely loved. It was an hour of slow stretches. There were about 6 of us in there, lights down, and then the yoga teacher walks around… Read More »

A Year of Yoga: What?!!

Merry Christmas!!!! With the holidays here I’ve pretty much spent my time shopping, finishing up school work (#TeacherLife), attending my own kids’ school performances, and shopping…there is always shopping to do around the holidays. And what have I done in regards to yoga? I finished the book, How To Love by Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s… Read More »

A Year of Yoga: Yin Yoga

Day 8: I’m impressed that I’ve spent the last week practicing yoga, from breathing to stretching and strength building, I’ve made a conscious attempt each day to connect with breath and mat. On the mat: I discovered Yin Yoga while cruising Pinterest. According to, “Yin works the deeper layers of the body such as… Read More »

A Year of Yoga: Beginning

Years ago I enjoyed a bit of yoga. I thought it was a simple way of stretching and maybe building some strength. How times have changed. Actually, I’m getting the feeling that things come to you when it’s time, and now it’s time for me to practice yoga. Day 1: I subscribed to the site,… Read More »