The Fit Moms for Life Pledge

I absolutely love the Fit Moms for Life Pledge. It truly encompasses my life as a mother as well as a woman and the desires I have as both.

As a mom, I’m not used to putting myself first
There are so many people to take care of
But from now on, I pledge to put myself somewhere in the equation

To nourish my body with healthy food as I would feed my family
To strengthen my body with fun activities that get my pulse racing
To work out so that I have more energy to play
To get fitter in order to gain vitality
To rest when I’m weary
And to love my body for the strength it gives me to care for others
And the joy it gives me in living my life
The way it lets me run, jump, soar

I pledge to nourish my mind with healthy attitudes
Useful information,
Positive thoughts,
And the affirmation and support of others who have my best interests at heart
I know I will always have a million ideas, tasks, and responsibilities swirling in my mind
But I pledge to strive for moments of clarity
I will banish those moments of self-doubt
I will love myself as I love my children
I will tell myself, I can do it
I will visualize myself living the life I deserve

I pledge to nourish my soul
To surround myself with people who share my values
Who support my quest for physical, mental, and spiritual health
Who celebrate my victories
Who cheer me on when I stumble
Who know me as a mom, but also as a person

I know there will be times when I falter
I know it won’t be easy
But I know that I deserve this
I am a mother, a caretaker, but I am also a person
I pledge to care for myself, too
To increase the love I lavish on others so that it’s large enough to include me
I pledge to never stop striving toward living my best life
For my family, for my children, but also for me

I owe it to myself to live in the moment
To play so hard and so long that I collapse into laughter
To laugh like a child

I will never forget that tomorrow starts today
I am ready to be my best
And to love who I am at every step along the way

I can do it
I’m worth the effort

As I continue to strive to live my life in the present moment, enjoying and loving myself for who I am now as well as who I strive to become, I’m beginning to review the reasons why I wanted to make life changes: become healthy, more fit, etc.

5 Reasons Why I Want To Change My Life:

1. To lower my cholesterol and not require medication.

2. To build a body that illustrates my commitment and hard work to fitness and health, while enjoying the new adventures my strength and well-being will offer.

3. To be physically desirable.

4. To set a healthy example of mental, spiritual, and physical well-being for my children and others around me.

5. To believe I can do it, that I’m not bound to fate of disease and obesity.


What about You? What are your reasons for life changes?


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