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As a preschool teacher, I’m always laminating important classroom documents. In class, if it’s needed to be used more than once, then it needs to be laminated, simple as that. And, the great thing about lamination is that it can used to trace and write on with dry erase markers, which means rather than using tons of paper, my kids can sign in, daily, on one sheet of paper, for the whole year. So, again, this teacher requires a heavy duty laminator, and that’s exactly what has to offer with the Fellowes Saturn Laminator {$202.82}.

Product Details
Laminator features a rapid, one-minute warm-up with InstaHeat Technology. The 12-1/2″ entry width accommodates multiple document sizes. Saturn3i 125 Laminator delivers hot lamination for 3 mil or 5 mil and cold setting for self-adhesive pouches. Green light and audible beep indicate when machine is ready to laminate. Release lever disengages pouch for re-centering or removal. Auto shutoff saves energy and prevents overheating. Laminator includes a laminating starter kit.

I love the fact that this laminator heats up so quickly, no more turning on the machine, going on to do a hundred other activities, and then coming back with fingers crossed that it’s all ready, you turn it on, fix a cup of coffee, and by the time you get back you’re ready to go. 🙂 And you can either use 3 mil or 5 mil sheets, which gives you the option of thickness.

So, whatever your office supply needs may be, whether it’s a new laminator, office stationary, promotional products, or even medical supplies, has you cover each and every time!

Now I’m off to laminate a new word wall list, but before I go, what ways do you enjoy using a laminator?

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