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Fast Food Guilty Pleasures

My fast food guilty pleasure is Starbucks!  
I know, I know, maybe it’s not really considered a fast food, but it’s certainly one of my guilty pleasures. I could seriously drive thru every morning and pick up a de-lish coffee, and I’m not just saying their speciality coffees are the only thing I enjoy, just the regular ol’ cup of joe is good from Starbucks, and, it wont break the bank. One thing I haven’t really tried is their food. I’m not much for paying for pastries when I’ve just purchased 300 to 500 calories in a cup, ya know what I mean?
Other than that, I really don’t have a favorite fast food place. I try not to eat much and when I do, I typically want sushi or some other sit-down-and-enjoy-my-time-with-family meal, rather than a slapped together burger and fries.
What about You? Do you ever crave those good ol’ McDonald fries @ 3:00 in the morning or is that just for preggos?? 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Fast Food Guilty Pleasures

  1. Ashley mentioned Taco Villa. Wow, I haven’t eaten at a Taco Villa in almost 30 years. I guess I just haven’t lived near one in that long. It brings back memories. Thanks Ashley.

    As far as fast food goes, I eat less and less of it and I’ve found that I crave it less and less. I think there really is an addictive quality to it that takes time to break. I can go weeks without a fast-food craving and then suddenly out of the blue I’m hit with one. It’s not happening as often, though, so perhaps I’m slowly weaning myself from them. Thanks for the post.

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