Road Trip

Family Vacations: Keeping Momma Sane

Before heading out on our big adventure (Cross Country Road Trip), Momma needs a few items to keep her sanity.



  1. Colds and Flu Ain’t Got Nothin’ On You

Black Elderberry is amazing when it comes to fighting viruses, and every mother out there has experienced a sick kid on a trip, so you know the importance of this little jewel. It seems if I take my kids more than an hour away from our house, their allergies or immune system tanks…every time. So, I’ve ordered our box of Saobucol, a product suggested to me by a dr when I needed something to take for a virus when I was breastfeeding, and after two years of relying on this product, it’s a must have for our time away from home.



2. Good Gut Health

Another way I plan to keep my kids healthy on our trip is with good gut health. My kids have taken these probiotics for the last year. They enjoy their easy to swallow pills and actually request them daily, along with their multivitamins. Again, probiotics is encouraged by my doctor in helping to keep the immune system in check and ready for battle.



3. Not An Option

I can’t imagine the panic of losing my child in public. It just doesn’t compute in my head, therefore, I will be that parent that puts my kid(s) on a leash when we are in large crowds. It’s not so much that my kids are runners (meaning they run away), it’s more so that I’m worried about someone snatching them up or them getting confused/overlooked and then wandering off from a large group. So, before you judge, just remember as parents, we’re all trying our best to keep our kids safe…some people just choose to tie them up to do so. (it’s not really tying them up!)



4. Momma’s Got This

There’s nothing more depressing than thinking of all the terrible things that can take place on a family vacation, but if you want to be prepared, sometimes we must face the fact that bad shit can happen. And so I’ve picked up a Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag. This bag clips closed so as not to be easily unzipped and it’s even protected from knife slashes (it seems some thieves where cutting open purses and catching wallets as they fell out). So, this will be the little safe I carry all our precious belongings in while we enjoy trips to the zoo, boat rides, and even hiking.



5. Momma’s Gonna Make It

It’s no joke I’m not a good rider. I get car sick, often. And even though I’d prefer for anyone else to drive but me when I’m in unfamiliar areas, I still freak out most of the trip just simply because I’m in the passenger side, dizzy and nauseous from all the curves and hills that must be on EVERY. HIGHWAY. ALWAYS. So, this trip I’m going prepared. I hope by popping a few of these pills I’ll be a much happier traveler and if not, well, let’s just hope I don’t puke on anyone as we go around yet another curve.


There you have it, my arsenal for sanity. What items are a must-have for your family trips?


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