Family Keeps Gender A Secret

Wow! I’m a bit shocked by this story. The term “gender” has more or less become known as the “biological sex” of a person, however, it can refer to masculine/feminine characteristics that both male and females may acquire. I see nothing wrong with identifying with a particular biological sex. I see nothing wrong with identifying with masculine and/or feminine gender characteristics. I do, however, see something wrong with not identifying with anything. 

What type of implications do you think will come about with this type of gender-free thinking?

Thanks to One Bored Mommy for the enlightenment of this story.

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2 thoughts on “Family Keeps Gender A Secret

  1. I saw this on the Today show the other day and was also a bit shocked. I agree with you; I think not identifying anything may be kind of confusing for the child. I do like the idea of allowing the child to be his or her self, but I don’t know if I agree with the way they’re attempting that. I think the woman with the son who wears dresses has the better method maybe.

  2. I agree, Katie. The woman with the boy who likes to dress in dresses is open to his expression but he still understands he’s a boy.

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