Easter 2011


These past few weeks have been pretty busy in my household. So, as I uploaded my pics today I realized I still hadn’t posted any Easter pics. Wow, I’m only a week or so late, right?  Right. 🙂 So, with no further ado…PICS!!!

Jeremy had a great time hunting the yard for eggs. 

Eight year olds still enjoy chasing after colored moments…
Maddie simply plopped herself down on the ground and gave me a great Southern
Belle pose.

And then she took a little nibble from the egg. 🙂
Here we are back to the grass to discover what else lives among us.

I love this shot of her dress and curls. I would have loved for my flowers to be blooming in this pic, but overall, it’s still a beauty. 🙂

And bubbles…

to make the day complete for Maddie.

  While Jeremy enjoys a new-awesome-flying toy. 🙂

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