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Death of the Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly
Fruit Fly

Here in the South, bugs don’t tend to disappear until the first real frost hits, which can hold out until mid October or even November, therefore we get to enjoy the great nuisance of Summer bugs for what seems like an eternity. And one particular bug that I don’t enjoy entertaining in my house is the fruit fly. It seems whenever I bring home a nice batch of bananas, and if the kids don’t inhale them within a couple of days, I’m gonna have a cummity of fruit flies hanging around my kitchen.

And yet, I have happily now found the death of the fruit fly.

Apple Cider Vinegar is my friend, as is should be yours. This nectar is a miracle worker from cleaning counter tops,

Carrigan's Joy: Fruit Fly Death Trap
Carrigan’s Joy: Fruit Fly Death Trap

disinfecting drains with that great volcano effect when mixed with baking soda, to now killing off the invading fruit fly. I simply placed my oh so favorite, sticky “multipurpose sealing wrap” over a cup of apple cider vinegar, poked a few small holes in the top so the little boogers could get in but not get back out, and left it sitting on my counter top. Within a couple days, all nats were gone…resting nicely at the bottom of a cup of vinegar.

Thank you, Apple Cider Vinegar, for yet another amazing remedy!

What about You? Do you have any quick cures for pesky little bugs that bug you??


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