Dear Claire

I realized the other day how quickly this pregnancy is going for us. In only a few short days we’ll be 7 months pregnant, within our 3rd trimester, and this experience will all be replaced with new experiences. I held on to my belly as I thought about these things. I mumbled, “I’m not ready for it to be over.”
I know two to three months may still sound like a long time but seven months has already come and gone and it’s felt more like a day than a hundred days. I thank you so much for sharing these moments with me. I am so grateful that I feel every hic-up and movement you have. I truly am enjoying this time together. I think about your birth, and getting ready for you, but I don’t imagine much more than swaying, breathing, and deep moans that move with my body.
It’s a bit scarey to be so unplanned. And yet, I’m also relieved and relaxed about it all. I feel as if I’m truly beginning to get to know you while you’ve already learned so much about me…my voice, my laughter, my tears/sadness, my heartbeat and breath. And now you’re even learning about the world outside of us, moving when you hear your sister or dad talk, jumping when you hear a loud noise.
I love you, Claire. I look forward to meeting you face to face but in the mean time, I’m cherishing these special moments we have together.

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