day 20

Day 20 Finds Me 1.1 Pounds Lighter!

Well, I didnt hit the goal I was aiming for, BUT, I have hit other goals this week:

1. running 3 minutes, cycling through a 30 minute work out
2. continuing to stick to my run program; haven’t missed a day yet!
3. removed another inch from my waist which is now a 34. 🙂

Overall, it’s been a challenging week, but (again) life is about change and adapting and that’s what we gotta get good at. 🙂

Also, on an awesome side note, my friend is getting me a free 6 month membership to the Y today!!!! Yeah for running on treadmills and big weights!

Make it a great Friday, Friends!!

3 thoughts on “Day 20 Finds Me 1.1 Pounds Lighter!

  1. Yeah for Toni! remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Are you taking body measurements? You should! Sometimes when we don’t see what we want on the scale it’s encouraging to see the numbers on the tape get smaller! I love the Y spinning classes! They are a butt-kicker! As you hit a plateau don’t get discouraged! Try to mix it up a bit. I am so proud of you! Woohooooooo for Toni!

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