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Cut the Fluff With McFatty Mondays: You On A Diet

I picked up a new book this week, You On A Diet. Sorry there is no link, I’m writing this in a mad rush before having to get ready for work.

Anyway, it’s a concept that our bodies want to be a healthy weight, not an anorexic weight, but healthy with a healthy fat percentage, and, if we eat healthy foods then our bodies will tell us when to eat. Ok, that’s probably really over simplified, but you get the idea.

This book goes into great detail explaining how different types of food reacts in the body and what the body must do to use it all. It also discusses the fact that our bodies have not changed since the caveman era, and yet through agriculture, the way we eat certainly has.

Rather than focusing on the scale, this book explains that for a woman, a healthy waist size is 32 1/2 inches and below. Which, actually, I’m pretty much there, but I’m still not satisfied with my body. There is a 2 week food list as well an exercise plan listed in the book. And how much exercise do they recommend a day? A 30 min. walk daily with weight training (without weights).

So, if you’re interested in understanding how your body works, breaking through some dieting myths, and enjoying a new, realistic, life style change, I’d recommend picking up this book. Oh, and one last thing, the authors claim you can drop 2 inches around your waist by following their plan, for 2 weeks. Interesting. 🙂

My goals for this week:

~ 93 ounces of water a day

~ 4 work out days

~ listening to my body in regards to hunger…is it physical or phsychological.


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  1. Good Afternoon Toni,

    My name is Arielle and I work with a small publicity company that partners with Christian authors trying to get their books off the ground. I read through many blogs to find the best possible readers for our authors. I am very eager to add you to my list of reviewers for a few specific books.

    I’d love to send you one or two of these books to review, if this is something you’d be interested in please let me know! I hope to be hearing from you soon.

    Arielle Roper
    Bring It On! communications

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