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Cross Country Family Road Trip: Planning

So, we’re taking a trip. It’s kind-of across the country. With two kids, ages: 4 and 7. We have one month to plan the trip. Why? Because this is a family of ADHD people and we tend to take on adventures spur of the moment. And, I suffer from Executive Functional Disorder, simply put, I have no idea how to plan. Yet, there is still light at the end of the tunnel, you just gotta use a little know-how.

Cross Country Family Road Trip Planning:


In today’s world we have access to, what seems like, an unlimited amount of information to help non-planners like myself, plan out a family vacation. That’s right, Folks, I turned to Pinterest. It seems there are wonderful people out there all happy to write about the awesome things to see and do in their home towns. And then they post all this info to boards and I go along pinning the hell out of it all.


An awesome app that helps you locate hotels, restaurants, things to do and see, and it even gives you the low down on the best prices (however, these prices are typically of highly rated hotels/motels so if you’re wanting to really rough it with just a “fair” hotel, you may need to just google search it), and when you’re planning to drive over 6,000 miles every bit  of penny pinching counts.


This app lets us track every step on our cross-country trip, allowing us to add pics and comments along the way. We will then store it to the Cloud, share it with the world or simply just keep it close to relive when we want to look back on our adventures. I hope to use this app as way to document our trip, but also as a GPS tracker for friends and family to keep up with while we hike national parks or cruise through small towns.

Along The Way

You simply type in what you’re looking for: coffee, food, parks, etc. and this app lets you know what’s in your area as you travel. I plan to use this app when we’re bored from traveling and need a little quick release from it all. This app should also share cool things for us to do once we’ve reached our destination.


Since I’m horrible at actually planning out the things that need to be done before we hit the road, I’m using this app as a check list on items I need to pack as well as things to do around the house before our house-sitters arrive. You just type in what type of trip you’re taking and this app lists out the items you’ll need as well as things to do before heading out.


I love me some I must admit, I do almost all my shopping online and it seems Amazon always has great prices for what I’m looking for. After sitting down and listing out all the travel items we’ll need, I then turn to Amazon and starting clicking away. Rather than having to hit different stores, I’m able to sit at home while ordering a Ham Radio, swim vests for the kids, a polaroid camera for scrapbooking, and even snacks, all delievered within the next two days. I did mention we only have a month to get this all together, right? So, there you go, Amazon saves the day!


So, these are the tools I’m using to create, what I hope will be, an awesome family vacation. This will pretty much be our first time out, heading West, so I’m sure there will be many things to learn about traveling, but for now, I think we’ve got a good start.

What apps do you use along your travels?

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