day 55

Counting Down To Race Day!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s only 7 days til my first race! I am so super excited and pretty much full of every emotion possible. As I run I picture myself seeing the finishing line and then I begin saying, “do you want it?” My answer only comes ringing back, “I WANT IT!” It’s at that point that I almost begin bawling like a baby, for real, and we’re still talking a visualization here. 🙂
I’m not actually up to running a constant 5K yet, but my game plan is to run 10 minutes, walk 1 to 2, depending on how I’m feeling, run another 10 minutes, walk, and then hit the last 10 minutes with all I have. At first I couldn’t decide whether to wear my watch or not, thinking I’d be too obsessed with the time, but overall I know I’m gonna need it at some point, and since this is my first real run, this is definitely the time to learn and tweak for later.
I asked Sean yesterday if he was going to be at the race and he said yes. I hadn’t thought about it really before. I usually do my own thing, feeling comfortable, not experiencing performance anxiety for having someone I know around, but deep down, I want him there. I want to know that somewhere out there, my man and baby girl, and maybe even my sons, are there waiting for me, supporting me, and praying I make it through.
Papa called me yesterday and we talk about working out and races. It was great to get his perspective on things; he simply said if you don’t know what to do, watch the others in front of you…so true. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Counting Down To Race Day!

  1. You will do great this weekend! Rmember, you are there and are participating! That’s leaps and bounds ahead of many many many people! What a wonderful, healthy lifestyle you are modeling for your children! That’s sooooo important! More important in my book, than the finish line! The rewards will be reaped by them for the rest of their lives! (and, you will LOVE the feeling of crossing the finish line too!)

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