Cleaning and Ewwwwwwy What A Mess!

So, last week Sean got downstairs and cleaned up the two rooms that were flooded. He moved all my stuff over to the other half of the house, still downstairs. I’ve now began going through some of the boxes. I’ve discovered bed spreads that are being washed/bleached and some family pictures that I’m cleaning up. It seems like everything has some form of mold on it. I want to quickly get all the boxes out of the house before it just keeps spreading. I could use your prayers that I get this project tackled and done within the week.
I’m also calling around making appointments and such for the kids while I’m still off work and I must say its a pain. I have to call like 10 numbers just to get the correct doctor on the phone all the while, while trying to save phone minutes. 🙂
Verizon and I have a love-hate relationship. 🙂

One thought on “Cleaning and Ewwwwwwy What A Mess!

  1. Hugs and prayer to you. It’s not an easy task! Remember too that sunshine can kill mold spores. Just wiping stuff off and letting it sit in the nice hot sunshine will help! Praying and hoping the project goes smoothly for you!!!

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