Circuit Training

So, I’ve really been wanting to get back into working out, but instead I always find something else to do, i.e. sitting right here telling you that I’d rather be working out. 🙂
So, I decided to do breif moments of circuit training. I’ll actually need to pick up a timer for this and increase the amount of my work out but the idae is to quickly move from one workout position to the next, getting an aerobic workout as well as strength building. This morning mine consisted of: squats, pushups, backward leg lifts, and crunches, repeated.
At least I feel as if I’m doing something, you know? I’d love to find some fitness blogs out there and really get movtivated by other’s success.

2 thoughts on “Circuit Training

  1. “…i.e. sitting right here telling you that I’d rather be working out.” LOL

    Oh hun, I can relate. It has been A WHILE since I worked out. As in really broke a sweat with some cardio and weight training. I can hardly count once a week mom and baby yoga as contributing to my weight loss goals.

    But I know that you mentioned fitness blogs. It’s not a blog per say, but thought I’d pass along a website.

    Before I got pregnant I had a profile on Traineo.com. It’s a site where you can track how much you’ve worked out and consumed each day, and how close you are to your end goal. You can choose “motivators” that can be sent updates on your progress – either friends on the site or real life friends. I liked it. You should check it out.

    (And no, this comment isn’t “sponsored”. Just thought I’d share something that worked for me. hehe)

    ~ humps

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