Christmas Break Bucket List

Being a teacher I get a pretty sweet deal when it comes to Christmas break…it’s like 2 weeks off to spend with family and friends. Come on, that’s pretty awesome, right? Right.

So, let’s make a list of all the great things to do while we have the time to do them!

12239172_10100901013848388_6105599380482843120_oChristmas Lights: I was so excited to find a public list of local homes that are showcasing their light shows! Load up the kids, in our pj’s of course, sip some hot coco (if you spill any of that in my car I will beat you…), remember to tune your radio to the station of choice for each home, and have a very Merry Christmas….

Wrap Presents: Oh, holy hell, it’s three days til Christmas and I haven’t even finished wrapping all the gifts! Well, at least the shoppings done…wait, I need to check that list again.

Bake Cookies For Santa: My kids have always enjoyed cook1002031_10100384333080788_904370308_ning. There seems to be something special about breaking eggs, stirring the mix, and tasting that first warm cookie right out of the oven. What better way to enjoy some family time than stuffing your face with sugar!



Gingerbread House: Ok, really I don’t enjoy these. They are so messy and they never come out looking good! Then, 3 minutes after you say you’re done, you just eat the damn thing. Why not just eat it all first and forget about trying to get all those pieces to stick together with icing. I agree, we’re skipping this event this year. ALL DONE WITH THE GINGERBREAD!

Playing In The Snow: Oh, wait, it’s still 70 degrees outside…Thanks, Obama!!

ArtsyU: As an adult, I enjoy a bit of free time to just hang out with other adults and sip a little drink. My friends and I will be doing a little painting and a little drinking this holiday break. I can’t wait to see what my next masterpiece will be!

Gun Class and Gun Range: Ok, so I might not be able to actually get this done while on break but at least I plan to look into it. I’ve also had a bit of a fear about guns so I’ve decided to take a gun class and actually learn how to use one. I want to feel comfortable holding and firing a gun, maybe for sport, or maybe even to protect myself and family.

New Years With The Kids: The Creative Discovery Museum will be hosting a New Years at Noon for kids to celebrating ringing in the new year. How fun is that!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, filled with peace and cheer…Merry Christmas!





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