Childhood Adventures!

Jeremy has lice. 🙁 I just discovered it and now I cant stop itching. Sean and I have checked each other and we’re good. I know its so common among kids, but, really, I’d prefer those little bugs were no where near my family. 🙂

I called Jeremy’s dad and he’ll be picking up the medicated shampoo tomorrow. Childhood is, indeed, fun. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Childhood Adventures!

  1. You probably already know this but lice prefer clean hair. So after you use the medicated shampoo it is better not to wash for a couple of days and use hair products like gel or hair spray. You will also have to use the lice comb daily to get rid of all of them and this can take some time (sometimes a week or more of daily combing) and obviously an adult needs to be one doing the combing. The short the hair the easier to get rid of them. Karen

  2. Thanks, Karen.

    Yeah, I think we may need a hair cut, but I feel terrible taking him in to a place and having someone see the lice. I know once they’re dead it would be ok, but still.

    I’m also gonna pick up some spray and spray the house down. He’s over at his dad’s right now, as they are going camping this weekend. I’ll let his dad know about not washing his hair. I knew it wasnt a “dirt” thing since he does bathe daily…he’s a stinky little boy in the evening time. 🙂

  3. What a pain! My brother had lice when he was little but somehow my sister and I escaped it! Don’t forget all the upholstry and stuffed animals in the house and the car too! What a chore! Good luck!

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