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Cross Country Road Trip: Entertainment With CozyPhones

My kids and I have always enjoyed traveling. We typically travel a couple times a year to visit family, however, this family trip we’re going BIG and not going home! After an hour of the game, “I Spy,” Momma needed a break and the kids needed to watch a movie. Our portable DVD player has been a… Continue reading Cross Country Road Trip: Entertainment With CozyPhones

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Healing from Hypothyroidism

I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. According to my lab results, my thyroid wasn’t producing enough t4 hormones, which is converted to t3 hormones, which dictates life and function to pretty much every cell in the body. Now, here’s the catcher, my TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), the typical test used to determine hypo or hyperthyroidism, reads… Continue reading Healing from Hypothyroidism