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When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other. ~Chinese Proverb

One of my favorite Summer time loves is flowers.

A found memory I have is being with my family as we worked in the flower gardens. And even as a young girl, my Dad began the tradition of always bringing fresh flowers whenever he picked me up from school. Now that I’m older, and many miles away from family, it’s nice to know there is a family run company that I can turn to, to provide fabulous flowers, shipped free, straight to a loved one’s door for a flat rate.

The Bouqs {as seen on Shark Tank, Oprah’s Magazine, Forbes, and The Today’s Show} are changing the flower industry by taking the middle man out, saving you time and money. The Bouqs grow their own flowers in rich South American volcanic soil, arranging bouquets to custom order, for a flat $40, and again, shipping is free!

Red, White, and Bouq! | Bouqs Flowers
The Bouqs Co

So whether it’s a wedding, Mother’s Day, Easter, or simply sending a unique gift to a friend, with such gorgeous arrangements, great prices, and ease of ordering, you’re bound to leave a lasting impression with flowers from The Bouqs.

And for the Fourth of July, The Bouqs are bringing back the Red, White, and Bouqs {red, white, and blue roses) which would make a wonderful gift to any B.B.Q. you attend or throw. I can only picture it now, the summer heat, B.B.Q., watermelon, and laughter, with a touch of beauty and floral fragrance as a centerpiece. Not only do flowers give a nice visual appeal but they bring about a sense of joy and closeness, again, reminding me of what Summer time is all about.


Have You recently checked out The Bouqs? Which arrangement did you go with and for what occasion?



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    1. Awesome! I believe you’re going to love your arrangement! And thanks for the complement!! 🙂

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