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Blog Awards!

What a great way to start off my blogging Monday!
Christine @ Raised Queer has awarded Carrigan’s Joy with the Beautiful Blogger Award. How awesome is that!! And, I must say, Christine is awesome. I love her blog. I love her honestly and her wit. I am always entertained as well as educated whenever I read her words. Please, pop over and you’ll find you enjoy her world as much I do.
So, with the Beautiful Blogger Award comes the 7 new things you will learn about me. 🙂 And, I can’t even think of any. I’ll just recap my last two days with numbers.
1. My family and I went to Nashville yesterday to celebrate a belated Christmas party. Hey, it’s Christmas all the time with me. 🙂
2. I enjoyed three sips of $1500.00 wine. Yeah, it was good. 🙂
3. I ate my first truly, raw stake and loved it.
4. I also enjoyed lamb and rice wrapped in grape leaves. mmmmmmmmm, so good!
5. We spent the night @ a Best Western, enjoying the king size bed and upon waking up this morning it sounded as if Maddie said, “get up” in some demon possed voice. Scarey but oh so funny.
6. I am terrified of driving over mountains and therefore chose an alternate route for coming back home. Instead of one mountain we ended up traveling over 3. One being an 8% grade while Monteagle is only 6%.
7. I’ve discovered the prayer, “In Jesus’ name I pray for peace,” to actually bring peace. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to practice time and time again my devotion and love towards Him. I am grateful and honored that He asks of me, repeatedly, to face my fears and overcome them. I will never run away from them again.

3 thoughts on “Blog Awards!

  1. Aww Toni, thank you for the kind words- you totally deserve the Beautiful blogger Award!

    My hubs is afraid of traveling over the mts. too and we try to find alternate routes…I feel your angst!
    And $1500 wine? Wowsa, you must’ve felt like a princess:)

  2. Thank you so much for the award. It means so much!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your marathon training for November’s race. From one runner to another, my best advice on shoes: go get fitted at a specialty running store. Yes, you’ll pay a little extra for the shoes, but having a shoe that fits your foot and your pronation is priceless, and no big box store can do that for you. (more info here:,7120,s6-240-319-327-7727-0,00.html)

    Thanks again for the beautiful blogger award and congrats on your from Raised Queer.

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