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Amelia Rose
Two family names I just came across. I like naming my babies after family members. Each one of my kids has a middle name that has family reference. Austin David from my dad’s name Anton David, Jeremy William from my grandad William (Bill), and Madison Anne from my mom Theresa Anne. Oh, and if Maddie was to be a boy, it was gonna be Shannon McGeehee. 🙂
Speaking of the kids, I hear Maddie in there now doing her little squeaky fuss. 🙂

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  1. I love names wth heart and meaning. If G-Man was girl it would have been Tasmin for hubbys and my fav place in the world…Abel Tasmin national park in New Zealand. While traveling there we decided that it was getting time to have a baby and we discussed lots of NZ names and places we loved as names. Your kids will love hearing stories about the person they were named for and that they have a loving connection!

  2. Well, I’m a big fan of “Amelia,” as you know! 🙂

    Mia’s middle name — Victoria — is for her grandmother, Steve’s mom. There’s a little story behind “Mia,” but it’s not a family name. Her names mean “hard-working” and “conqueror.”

    Connor’s first name is John, and so is his daddy’s, his Papa’s, and his great-granddad Medlin’s. We picked his middle name because we just liked it. It means “strong-willed”/”wise”/”much desired.” If that isn’t fitting!

  3. Mellissa,
    I love how you explored names that had great memories for you and your husband. 🙂 What is the story behind Griffin??

    I think I would have gone with Amelia Rose if I’d known about it earlier, but then again, Maddie’s middle name is very special to me because of my mom. 🙂 I also love how you researched the meanings of names. We tried doing that a bit but could never find anything we liked.

    And yes, I do believe you chose correctly for your little ones. 🙂

  4. Griffin= Hubby and I had a list of so-so boy names and when I was 6 mo. pregnant we were registering at my favorite locally owned (by a momma!) baby and toy store. It’s all non-plastic and healthy fun stuff. Anyway, as we were looking around there was a display of hand puppets. They were big and gorgeous and we looked thru them, I said hey look a Griffyn! How cool! And hubby and I looked at each other and said, “Griffyn, Griffyn, that’s pretty cool!” We changed the spelling. His middle name though is my special story. Westley. The Farm Boy in the story The Princess Bride is Westley. He does everything for Buttercup for love. His response to her was always “As you wish.” He is sweet, loving, faithful and I LOVE the story!

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