And The Paci Stays Home

Maddie never asks for her paci while at school, she hardly ever asks for it when home with Daddy, BUT, when I appear, it’s one of the first things that pops out of her mouth, “PACI, PACI, PACI!!”

I must admit, its a bit embarrassing since I’m a hardcore Mommy who never lets her kids go beyond 12 months with items such as bottles, pacies, and the like…well, I use to be that Mommy. 🙂

Anyway, today the paci stays home. When I go to pick her up, she’ll call for it, stick her little, beautiful hands down, deep into her bag, but it wont be there. I’m sure she’ll fuss all the way home. Maybe we’ll sing, maybe I’ll pray, maybe we’ll both just cry…who knows.

And, as I type this, my little princess has started chirping in, “paci, paCI, PACI!”

Happy Friday!


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One thought on “And The Paci Stays Home

  1. You of all people know that children are smart – very smart and she is playing you. She knows you will give in. And yes, she will probably fuss and cry and she might try fussing and crying harder to see if it works – and if you works and you give it to her than she knows she has won and all she has to do is escalate her reaction every time. Children are very smart 🙂 Hope it goes well. Love ya, Karen

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