An Advocate for Natural Childbirth

Sean sat down at the computer last night and said, “natural childbirth video?” That was man talk for, “hey, whats this? It seems cool and interesting, but why are ya still viewing childbirth videos? Are you saying youre ready for another baby?? :)”
Anyway, it was a video from the Mother magainze I’d seen off a friend’s page and I was loving watching them. I actually spent a great deal of time, while pregnant, watching hynobabies videos. I wanted the imagine in my head of a calm, relaxing birth.
Also, since Maddie was my third baby, I knew exactly what I didnt want in a way of a birth plan. I began pretty earlier thinking and putting into place what I wanted my birth to look like. And it was there that I began looking for women who had done what I wanted. Abbey, was probably the first woman I began talking with who had not only done natural childbirth but had done it at home as well. I guess she was my first mentor. I knew if I could find at least one woman who had done it, than it was possible and do able for me. 🙂
I was also extremely blessed for having a DH that support my idea. He and I both felt that if we werent sick, if our baby wasnt sick, then there wasnt a huge reason for us to give birth in a hospital. And, besides, there are tons of germs that live, breed, and infect people/babies while they are there. It’s just a fact.
So, anyway, my components where coming together: DH was on board, I’d found another woman who had done it, and lastly came into place with my midwife. I think she was the shoestring that tied it all together. Oh, and lets not forget my birthing class. Now, let me make something clear, DH never attending these classes. I went alone since it was Dec. and his business was completely swamped at the time. He and I usually arrived home at the same time, around 10:00 pm on those nights. However, we did make it work. We did our “homework” at night, not always consistantly, but we did it none the less, and it really prepared him for what the birth would/could be like. Anyway, these were the pieces that I felt I needed to have the birth I wanted.
And so today, even though I no longer have that swollen belly, I still have a passion for natural childbirth, pregnancy, and babies. I just think this time around, it all became a part of me. I had to make having a homebirth, going natural, a real part of my identity and in doing so, I’ve kept it apart ever since.

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  1. You said it so well! I love saying “oh yes, he was born 6 months ago at home, just as we planned, it was wonderful.” I find so many ways to interject homebirthing into my daily conversations. You are right, that event has become a major piece on the fabric of me. I love it too. There is something wonderful and peaceful knowing how powerful my body is and having let it work. I cannot imagine having a baby in the hospital. I am going to doula for a friend who is pg with twins. I am not sure how all this is going to work…the whole hospital thing with her. It makes me treasure my homebirth so much more!

  2. I think it’s true to say that I am now a homebirth & natural birth junkie! What amazed me so much was the number of people who told us not to homebirth for #1, wait and do that for #2…ummm, why??? Why would I want a traumatic first birth? Never did figure that one out. Just soooo thrilled that I am in the homebirth club!

  3. You are a very good advocate for this subject, of the many blogs I’ve read through, this one has changed my mind the most about how I want my child to be born. I went from scared to even think of vaginal birth, to researching all about home delivery due to these beautiful experiences, especially yours. I think you would be a great counselor if you were at all interested, I’m sure your busy, but you should think about volunteering to speak to women about home/natural birth.

  4. Mellissa and Anonymous Friend,
    It really is apart of who I am and I’m always willing to share my stories/experiences with others.

    I met a woman around christmas time and when she asked about my planned delivery I said we were doing a homebirth to which she lit up and was so excited for me. She also told me that “I could do it,” which gave me a huge rush of positive vibes about the whole thing. I really want to be able to give that to other women, just the positivity and belief that it can be done. 🙂

    And yes, it really is empowering as well as so beneficial for the baby. I truly believe Maddie is more adjusted due to her birth than if there had been trauma in the birth.

    p.s. Anonymous Friend, I’d love to hear your story as well. Are you currently pregnant?? 🙂

  5. Yes, and My name is Sarah =)

    This will be my husband and I’s first child. My mom always told me horror stories of her birthing experience, but she had a lot of complications. After talking and reading about other women, and watching many birthing videos, I’m come to the conclusion that a home birth would be best.

    The thought of those bland walls and doctors running every which way. And seeing my baby plucked out and taken away and poked at… just all the chaos that goes on in a hospital is so unappleaing, not to mention, this is suppose to be a beautiful experience to share with family.

    Anyways, we are only 4 months into the pregnancy, and I just don’t know how I can make it the rest of the time. I’m so incredibly excited.

  6. Oh, Sarah, how exciting for you! What is your expected due date??

    I’m so excited that you’ve chosen a homebirth for you and your family. 🙂 Have you spoken to your dr. about this or are you using a midwife?

    Also, do you have a blog, I’d love to follow you if you do. 🙂 It’s quiet easy to set up if you dont have one.

  7. I’ve been reading so many blogs, Its silly I’ve not set one up. my due date is December 23rd, I can only imagine having my baby in clear view of the Christmas tree HAHA!

    I have spoken to my doctor, I actually live in Ringold, and my doctor’s is in CHattanooga, her name is Phyllis Miller, I don’t know if you’ve heard her name anywhere. She actually delivered me, now 24 years ago. She helped a lot, she’s suggested many great midwives, but I’m just not sure how I go about picking someone that I feel comfortable with, and what if I meet one, and her and I don’t click. Decisions!!

    I’m going to set up a blog this evening, and as soon as I do, I will post my URL =)

  8. Sarah,
    I’ve also got a great midwife in mind if you still need suggestion. It’s great that your OB was kind enough to offer you some names, mine wasnt so happy about my decision. 🙂

    I cant wait to see your blog!

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