I’m not sure what other word would work for the title than simply Amazing.
I attended a funeral of a friend of mine yesterday and was deeply touched and probably changed for life. I only knew this little person for 3 months, but she shared so much of herself with me and others that her smile and squeals will forever be embedded into my soul.
And my heart was healed in regards to the death of my own mother. I was able to let go of the pain and focus on worshiping God. Yesterday carried a multitude of tears but even through them, praising of the Lord took center stage and continued through out. I have found the peace I was always missing and its through worshiping of the Lord.
Thank you, my friend, for being a witness to God’s miraculous powers and love. You will always be missed and loved.

2 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. I was listening to an interview with Steven Curtis Chapman(Christian music artist) on KLOVE radio the other day. I don’t know if you heard what happened in their family but in May 2008 their 5 year old daughter died. He was talking about this and said one of things that has stuck with him the most that someone said to him was this “your future with Maria is far greater than the past you had with Maria” I thought of you ~ you have a great future with your mom. Love, Karen

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