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Alright So I’ve Done It…

I ordered a book in regards to vaccines.
I’m all about educating myself. I despise ignorance, therefore, I cant walk around with blinders on waiting on everyone else to tell me what to do.
This book is to give pro’s and con’s of the vaccines. It is not to be too bias either way. I just want to be informed, not scared.

3 thoughts on “Alright So I’ve Done It…

  1. There’s another book I would reccommend but I can’t think of it at the moment. I will send you the link on FB when I think/find it.
    We delay and space out our vaccines. Norah is currently up to date but Jacob is not. I like the spacing thing sort of. I think it gives their little bodies time to process the vaccines, I feel like 4-5 in one day overloads their system. Oh well, good luck with your research, I hope it doesn’t exhaust you as much as it did me.

  2. We did read that book, it does not tell you what to get or not to get, it really presents the info about the shot and the disease and lets you decide. It was one that we read. Evidence of Harm is another great one too. I am glad that she is not having any negative reactions yet!

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