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A Year of Yoga: What?!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

With the holidays here I’ve pretty much spent my time shopping, finishing up school work (#TeacherLife), attending my own kids’ school performances, and shopping…there is always shopping to do around the holidays.

And what have I done in regards to yoga?

I finished the book, How To Love by Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s amazing. It’s a tiny pocket book that is filled with so much knowledge and guidance. I recommend this book to any and all…there is simply never enough you can know/learn about loving yourself and others. I feel it’s a life long journey.

Day 14 – Day 18: I actually didn’t keep up with any workouts I did this past week. Honestly, between the holidays and my thyroid, to whom I refer to as Theodore, I’m a bit off track. But, life is a constant process and through this process I’ll find my way. 🙂

How are you getting ready for the holidays? Any yoga? Any workouts? Gone crazy yet??? 🙂

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