A Year of Yoga: Week 3 & 4 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow, what a week!

My family and I enjoyed traveling this Christmas to spend several days with family. And when you’re with family, unless it’s a family of yogis, let’s be honest, I simply didn’t do one bit of yoga while out of town.


The most amazing part of it all, I actually could tell a difference in my body without the yoga. I was stiff. I was tight. It felt as if my body was shrinking back into a ball, something I experienced earlier this year when I was suffering from a great deal of grief and depression. To say the least, I now know yoga was benefiting my body, as well as my mind, even though I’m still not that flexible or consistently meditating.

So, last week was a no go but I look forward to getting back into a routine now that I’m back home. And, speaking of routine, I actually got up this morning and did a session, Vinyasa Freedom For The Neck, that focused on the neck/thyroid, and nose area. Since yesterday I’ve been experimenting with the Plow Pose (featured above) and this morning I worked on it as well.


So this coming week’s focus will be on: 

  1. daily yoga
  2. 64 ounces of water, daily
  3. no fast foods, home made meals all the way!
  4. enjoy some relaxing reading
  5. New Years Day hikes with the family!


How do you plan to spend your week? Leave a comment below and make your life great!

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